Hi! We are DigiBroz.
A group of Technologists Based in JHB, SA.

Established in 2013. Our main aim, is to bridge the gap between technology and man. We could be classified as your Bro in digital and applications development. We're NOT (in any way) a digital agency - we're a digital solutions & software engineering company. We build products, and try not to repeat the process while we're at it.
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Reporting & Dashboard Systems

We care for your data, and we also know how to dress it well. We build reporting dashboards.

Professional Collaborators

We're linked to the most talented development and engineering resources within the technological sphere.

Off-The-Shelf Software

We have a range of ready & maintained software, and we offer yearly/monthly packages that cater to the needs of your business.

Custom Apps

Our team of professionals are available to assist in crafting the tiny steps which will bring you closer to your tech dream.

Our Mission
Change the world...One solution @ a time. We also aim to educate throughout the process. We plan to invest in the education of our yout, by quiping them with the knowledge that will help them change the lives of their communities.
What we Do?
We craft artistic solutions which solve issues within communities and organizations. We love to teach, and also enjoy delving in to the jungle of research. We breed pioneers in technology. We love the internet of things...That's what we do in our spare time.
Our Company's Values
We value Knowledge, Education, as well as Research.

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Fourways, Craigavon, 2146
Email: info@digibroz.com